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Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas That You Should Try

Published On Nov 01, 2023 - written by Daniel Edward

Decorating bathroom walls by applying wallpapers on them seems a bit awkward and unusual to many. This might be because we consider decorating other parts of our home more essential than bathrooms. On the contrary, I feel that each and every place of our home including bathroom should be equally decorated as our home décor plays an important role in offering a comfort and style to our personal space. 

According to my personal experience, people pay a lot of attention to add an exquisite and lavish touch to their home décor. From luxurious furniture to antique show pieces to exotic wallpapers, we don’t want to leave any space of our home blank and undecorated. Then why leave the bathroom walls blank? Add life to your bathroom by applying radiant and elegant wallpaper on it. 

In this article, we have summed up the best bathroom wallpaper designs that you should try to make your bathroom look as artistic and cozy as the rest of your home. 

Check Out the Following Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Look Stylish

We can assure you that you will neither regret nor get disappointed if you try out any one of these wallpaper for bathrooms.

White Chain on Black Base 

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This bathroom wallpaper will make your bathroom look graceful and ravishing once you apply it. This bathroom wallpaper design comes with a black base and white rectangles with vertical lines connecting the center of each side of the rectangle, making it look like a chain.    

Solid Gray With a Muted Texture 

Solid Gray with a muted texture

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This wallpaper for the bathroom will captivate you with its alluring and appealing look. it comes in a solid gray color with a minimal effect of lines, making it appear like a slightly rough textured wall, although it’s a smooth bathroom wallpaper only. 

Teal Blue With a Brushed Texture 

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This bathroom wallpaper looks too exquisite to resist. Covered in a solid teal blue color with horizontal lines it looks textured and rough but it is just a plain bathroom wallpaper. your bathroom interior will look ethereal if you place it against white or light-colored bathroom interiors. 

Pink Color Pineapple on White Base

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If you are a girly girl and want a touch of pink color in your bathroom, then this is the best bathroom wallpaper for you. With hot pink pineapple and green leaves around it, this wallpaper for bathrooms gives a comfy and spacious feel to your bathroom. 

Gray and Navy Blue Patterns on White Base 

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This bathroom wallpaper is very simple and elegant, allowing room for a natural outlook. It comes with gray and navy blue-colored leaves made with sketched and scattered thin lines, keeping it from looking like solid-colored leaves. It looks more like a diamond-shaped pattern on a white base. 

Colorful Floral With White Base 

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This wallpaper for the bathroom will remind you of your childhood drawings of spring fields. This bathroom wallpaper involves flowers and stems scattered over a white base, with pink, red, and orange color flowers giving more life to the springtime field. For a cozy and serene look, try out this bathroom wallpaper. 

White Plants Against Black Base

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If you love black but are hesitant to apply black wallpaper in your bathroom, then don’t worry. This bathroom wallpaper comes with a black base and white leaves with scattered leaflets and lines, making it look like plants scattered in the sky at night. The design of this bathroom wallpaper has made it lively and kept it from looking too dull and dark. 

Gray Fish Design on White Base

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If you are looking for a suitable wallpaper for your children’s bathroom, then this is the one you should opt for. It comes with gray puffer fish spread all over on a white hue, giving the feel of a live aquarium. Your children will definitely love this bathroom wallpaper. 

Forest Design Against Orange Base 

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This bathroom wallpaper comes with a live and whimsical drawing of a forest with dark gray trees and leaves scattered all over against dark orange hues. The color combination is rather unique in order to balance the bright and dark hues of orange and gray respectively. It will look awe-inspiring if you place it on your bathroom sink and mirror wall. 

Black Design on Pink Base 

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This bathroom wallpaper is suitable for women who want to make their bathrooms appear feminine. This bathroom wallpaper expresses feminity with a touch of elegance in a way that is comparable to none. The black floral designs with swirling stems make this wallpaper for the bathroom appear too eye-catching and alluring to resist. This is also one of my favorite wallpaper on the list. 


Whenever you plan to apply these bathroom wallpapers, consider a few things before choosing any. First is your personal choice and preference. If you are drawn to a particular bathroom wallpaper, then don’t hesitate to put it on your bathroom wall. Once you have selected the wallpaper for your bathroom, make sure it wither matches or goes in contrast with your bathroom interior’s color. Moreover, if you are bathroom is small, try to put up a wallpapers with light colors and delicate designs and patterns. On the contrary, if your bathroom is spacious and large, then you are free to apply dark and bright-colored bathroom wallpaper. 

Daniel Edward

Daniel Edward