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12 Best Eras Outfit Ideas That Every Girl Should Need

Published On Mar 22, 2024 - written by Annie Susan

Fashion is much more than clothing and appearance. It portrays your expressions and is a clear example of how society evolves you over time. Fashion has been a dynamic force that has kept on changing constantly incorporating societal norms and global influences all at once. Historical fashion has been the gateway to the past that helps us explore the culture, values, and lifestyles of the bygone periods. Whether it's about royalty or nobility, clothing has evolved with all the economic, societal, and technological advancements made in the past. Every era and every fashion that has prevailed in history is due to its unique characteristics which provide us with a deep understanding of fashion and society. 

Different eras in history reflect its spirit through its fashion or cultural values. Exploration of the movements of modernity and the evolution of fashion is a prime example of how important it is for society to progress and grow. Apart from all the revolutionary acts that took place in the past, the timeless fashion inspirations from each era are what every girl of today should need to know. From elegant Medieval Maiden inspiration to the rebellion of the Roaring Twenties, each period has left a mark on the world of style that continues to influence today's artistic minds. Whether you look at the princess gown from the Renaissance or retro glam from the 1950s, those outfits can be styled and a unique and modern look can be created out of the era. 

12 Best Eras Outfit Inspirations

Historical fashion might be outdated but trends are to come around after every era to keep them alive. Every period that we hear about was inspired by some cultural and societal values and all those values vanished with time. However, there are still some fashion aspirations that keep on evolving with its values and aesthetics kept intact. Anyone who has a thing for fashion would love to delve into the iconic eras and trends of that time. Get inspired by the timeless fashion of the past eras, girls can express their creativity and modern aesthetics. Add some vintage twist to your fashion glam by getting inspired by the best eras of fashion ideas mentioned below.

1970s Boho Babe

A fashion inspired by free-spirited style giving a comfy look with retro flairs. The outfit can be turned into reality by getting a billowy-sleeved blouse that has some intricate laces or embroidery done on it. The blouse can be paired with flare jeans that are high-waisted along with elevated platform heels. Accessorize the dress with a beaded necklace that will complement the overall look. Fringes or messy wavy hair would be best suited. 

Victorian Elegance

Victorian Elegance is a classic blouse and maxi skirt combo. A laced blouse is what was famous back then and was considered regal and royal. Nude-colored blouses paired up with a high waist maxi skirt made of rich fabric for the elegance of the entire outfit. One thing that was pointed out in Victorian Era outfits was the cameo brooch which serves as a statement accessory. A layer of velvet jacket is optional but to complete the look it would be a great add-on. 

Renaissance Romance

This era focused on love and beauty and so the outfits have that romantic appearance. A staple apparel of the Renaissance era was a crafted corseted bodice usually in royal colors like burgundy, blue etc. A full flowy silk skirt for a dramatic silhouette would be a great choice for the remake. One thing that was constant in that era was a circle headpiece consisting of pearls or intricate crystals to add elegance and an authentic touch and lace gloves for the grace of the princesses back then. 

Medieval Maiden

An entire era that was based on long flowy gowns, unlike others that had skirts on the bottom. A luxurious fabric of velvet is opted in regal colors to portray medieval fashion. Paired up with a hood made of wool to add classiness to your outfit. A high ponytail that is further accessorized by medieval-era-inspired jewelry of intricate work will do wonders for your look. 

1940s Vintage Chic

Vintage style has always inspired today's girls and youth as it gives their creative minds a broad area to create a timeless and chic look. A look that provides you with confidence involves fitted blazer, tailored suit, and wide-leg trousers. Muted colors are usually preferred. Almond-shaped pumps or very little height with a leather structured bag are carried along which makes this go-to for any formal event. The bygone era has left a timeless style for the new generation. 

Edwardian Sophistication

This era had a thing for laces as every outfit of this era was mainly composed of laces. A high-neck lace blouse paired up with a lace skirt. Pastel and muted colors were chosen to add sophistication and delicate beauty to the entire outfit. To add additional charm, intricate jewelry like earrings or bracelets and lace gloves with hats give the carbon copy look of the Edwardian era. Keeping up the trend of laces, the era had laced boots also for the typical yet classic look. 

1980s Power Dressing

As the name of the style suggests is what the outfits of this era usually are. 1980s Power Dressing allows people to be bold and sharpened with the outfits they choose. Structured blazers with pointed shoulder pads give exaggerated shoulders. Silk blouses with trousers can be worn creating a flattering silhouette. A well-polished pair of pumps in neutral colors are opted for the sophisticated look. 

Ancient Greek Goddess

Ancient Greek Goddess is a divine ensemble that can be created with the help of a Grecian-inspired dress. A lightweight chiffon fabric in pastel shades gives the perfect ancient look. To add regal beauty to your look, gold accessories complete your look. Strappy sandals were worn by ancient Greek women in gold or neutral tones that will complement your look giving a goddess-like effect. 

Regency Romance

Regency Romance provides grace with its outfits. A high-waisted gown with a flared bottom is the perfect choice for such outfits. To add a layer of elegance, a lightweight fabric-made shawl complements your gown and gets a romantic look. Pearl jewelry can be used to accessorize the apparel creating a timeless romance fit. 

Tudor Opulence

Tudor Opulence contains a heavily embroidered bodice with lavish yet intricate designs that were mainly inspired by Tudor-era fashion. Choose royal and deep colors to get the perfect regal look. For the bottom, opt for a full skirt with faux jewels, pendants, or brooches. A belt buckle with gemstones gives the perfect majestic fit. 


All 12 best eras of fashion ideas that every girl needs to know were briefly discussed in this article. Every era allows you to experiment with various clothing styles and play with aesthetics. From the bold outfits of 1980s Power Dressing to Tudor Opulence's elegant styling, these eras continue to be a source of inspiration for all the fashionistas out there. Create your own inspired look from the past and keep the beauty intact in the ever-evolving world of fashion. 

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