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20 Best Mullet Fade Haircut Ideas to Must Give a Try

Published On Mar 08, 2024 - written by Kyle Bobby

The mullet is a popular hairstyle from the late 70s and early 80s. It came as an iconic trend of that very era among men. It was love for those who had a love for music in their heads and hearts. It is one of the main reasons why this hairstyle embraced the most popular musical artists of that time.

By opting for this hairstyle, men had shorter hair on both sides and the top. Whereas, the back added to the look with long locks. For an appropriate idea, you can look around at the hairstyles of musical inspirations like Paul Young, David Bowie, and most probably Billy Ray Cyrus.

The popularity of mullet added the signature to it expressing the hairstyle as, ‘Business in the front and party in the back.’

Now, when talking of these hairstyles in today’s era, you may want to try the mullet fade haircut for men. It is slightly different from the traditional mullet but makes a perfect statement with your hair. In this article, we have discussed the 20 most stunning mullet fade haircuts that can change a man's look once his hair is under the right pair of scissors.

But before we proceed, let us go through a brief introduction of the mullet fade style.

What Is a Mullet Fade Haircut?

A mullet fade haircut is a variation of the classic mullet. It is a perfect choice for men looking to dive their looks into the styles of the 70s while staying trendy. This haircut has a similar pattern of shorter hair at the front and lengthier locks at the back, but it varies in style at the sides.

As the name implies, this haircut has faded sides. Rather than being completely trimmed, the sides show a modern finish that helps to look classy but modern. Men are also fond of it as this hairstyle can work with almost any length, texture, and type of hair.

20 Best Faded Mullet Haircuts

Here is a list of the 20 most stunning and stylish mullet fades for men.

1.  Curly Mullet Fade

Curly Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

Men with curly hair must try the curly mullet fade. It is because the bouncy texture of curly hair makes a great impression when finely trimmed in a mullet style. The heavy volume of such hair easily mixes the short and long trims, while making sure you look more stylish.

This hairstyle is the go-to look for parties and casual events. You can afford to wear it with almost any outfit. Try the curly mullet and keep the curls loose or tight as per your mood.

2.  Mohawk Mullet Fade

Mohawk Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

Most men nowadays are fond of the Mohawk hairstyle. It is quite similar to mullet as this hairstyle includes shaving of the head at both sides. Also, a thin layer of hair is left on the forehead that meets the neckline. To make it more dramatic, hair experts have combined this haircut with mullet fade.

It makes the Mohawk mullet an ideal style to try and look modern. You can wear this haircut with almost any outfit and feel confident among a bunch of fashion freaks.

3.  Burst Fade Mullet

Burst Fade Mullet

Image Source: Pinterest

A burst fade Mullet haircut is given the name as it gives the vibe of a starburst or a simple burst design to the hair. It means, your hair looks as if they have been edged by using a hair clipper on both sides. Now, mixing and matching it with the mullet fade gives an awesome look.

The burst fade is considered a trendy hairstyle that combines long and short hair in a stunning form. With a tapered look on the sides, it stands out in the crowd.

4.  Low Fade Mullet

Low Fade Mullet

Image Source: Pinterest

As the name implies, a low-fade mullet hairstyle is typically one that involves the fade at the lower edge of the head. it is a stunning combination of a longer back and top while the sides remain shorter. You can consider it as a variation of the classic mullet hairstyle with a modern touch.

The field involved in this haircut gives a prominent look to your ear level and gives it an edgy look. Also, it glorifies the broad strip on your head to make sure it is one of the latest mullets.

5.  Drop Fade Mullet

Drop Fade Mullet

Image Source: Pinterest

When talking about the trendiest men’s hairstyles, the combination of a drop fade with a mullet haircut makes a great choice. This type of haircut is probably about the fade with a lower edge that makes it attractive around the neck and hairline. Unlike a traditional drop cut, it is asymmetric around the corners.

Most men are fond of drop fades. Hence, pairing these with a mullet strip on the forehead can make you look stunning from the head to the neckline.

6.  Taper Fade Mullet

Taper Fade Mullet

Image Source: Pinterest

Those who are looking for a professional-grade mullet haircut must try the taper fade. It is one of the most versatile and popular haircuts where the barber gradually shortens your hair from your forehead to your neckline. Guys who want a smooth and edgy style at the nape of their necks must pick this one.

It is considered better than our traditional fade mullet haircut. Under this cut, the prominent strip of hair in your head shines aggressively with softly trimmed sides.

7.  Skin Fade Mullet

Skin Fade Mullet

Image Source: Pinterest

If the taper fade bores you, change your mullet haircut fade to an advanced style, i.e., the skin fade. It is a unique haircut that smoothly bends into your head making a faded connection with your skin. The mullet strip in this case is cut with lower tips forming the shape of your head.

Most men who are looking for a retro look prefer this kind of hairstyle. It promises to keep you near the 70s and 80s as long as you like.

8.  Short Fade Mullet    

Short Fade Mullet

Image Source: Pinterest

Those who have been wondering if a mullet hairstyle is all about lengthy hair can clear the clutter now. A mullet haircut has nothing to do with longer locks. You can enjoy this look with short hair too. It is why the short mullet fade makes a popular choice among men.

What’s astonishing about this style is that it is easier to achieve as compared to a long mullet fade. Also, looks equally fashionable and makes you stand out in the best of ways.

9.  Permed Mullet Fade

Permed Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

Permed hair has its class when it comes to modern men's hairstyles. It is one of the finest combinations consisting of longer strands and shorter fades. Interestingly, it is not what makes the hairstyle awesome.
A permed mullet fade is known for the unique mullet that forms from permed locks. When those professionally created curls fall over your nape, things really work amazing for fashion freaks.

10.  Punk Mullet Fade

Punk Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

Punk fade makes one of the most iconic fashion statements of all time. Combining this type with mullet gives the vibe of a rock band and adds a fancy look to your personality. Basically, punk-haired men have unnatural dyes and spikes all over their heads.

Once you shave them from both sides and let the remaining fall at the back of your neckline, punk mullet is created. It is mostly chosen by men with wild choices.

11.  Modern Mullet Fade

Modern Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

A modern fade Mullet haircut will give you the vibes of 2024 like a pro. It is an updated and upgraded version of the mullet hairstyle that can be easily achieved by the addition of a few simple elements to the classic mullet. Look out for patterns, textures, and multiple layers to get the perfect style done.

It mostly seems like a taper cut with an additional fade at both sides to give an edge feel. Most of the length of the hair in this case is left near the neckline.

12.  Classic Retro Mullet Fade

Classic Retro Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

Because the mullet is back in fashion, many hunks are looking to enjoy the retro look again. However, to bring an all-new vibe, hair experts have added a new look to the style. Now, you may not find shaved sides in a retro mullet.

Rather, the hair is kept longer on both sides while maintaining a tapered mullet at the top. With long locks falling on the nape of your neck, the classic retro looks stunning.

13.  Blonde Mullet Fade

Blonde Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

The blonde mullet is more like a tousled mullet with the best cut to keep hair untidy yet classic with a blonde touch. Many men prefer the windblown hairstyle as it looks jazzy and gives an ideal party look. You can always opt for this mullet fade haircut when traveling outdoors.

The blonde-tossed mullet can look better with a black shade between the locks. Give it a hipster-like makeover by letting those locks fall on your forehead.

14.  Thin Mullet Fade

Thin Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

The best part about styling a mullet is the freedom to choose hair volume as per your face structure. It is why the thin mullet can be a happening option for men with slim faces and well-defined body shapes. Also, it makes you look younger and well-maintained.

Moreover, a thin mullet can easily stay on the top of your head with a voluminous strip covering the entire forehead. You can decide the length and volume as per the latest fashion trends for men.

15.  Shag Mullet Fade

Shag Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

While a shag cut involves cutting the hair to multiple lengths, combining it with a mullet can be awesome for men. Being shaved at the sides with a burst fade mullet haircut makes your shaggy front prominent. Most of the locks in this hairstyle cover the front of your forehead and the nape of your neck.

It can be styled with a blonde touch or simply in back hair. Most shaggy blondes prefer mullet to keep the volume of their hair in a perfect length and condition.

16.  Long Strands Mullet Fade

Long Strands Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

While the mullet fade haircut is mostly about shorter hair, this one makes a big difference. The mullet with longer strands gives a completely fresh look to men. It has shaved sides like the classic mullet but an extra volume on the top.

Whereas, the longer strands most probably cover your neck. Interestingly, you can choose the length to fall on your shoulders or behind your back. Do whatever suits you best.

17.  Fringe Mullet Fade

Fringe Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

As the name implies, the fringe mullet is a great combination of the fringe haircut and mullet hairstyle. It gives an awesome look when the fringes or more prominently, the bangs cover your forehead. This haircut involves bold fares at the sides.

Hence, your fringes look more edgy and happening. Also, this style looks somewhere from the future as it relates to more modern spikes and the modern mullet.

18.  Undercut Mullet Fade

Undercut Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

An undercut mullet fade makes a perfect choice for beginners. It is the best men’s hairstyle that helps to adjust the volume of your hair while emphasizing the face structure. Here, the edges and the back of your hair are mostly shaved.

Also, a buzzed neck gives a smooth impression of your personality. You can also shave the lowest edge of your neck while letting the remaining strands cover your nape for a different look.

19.  80s Mullet Fade

80s Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

Because the mullet hairstyle is coming back in the trend, you can simply opt for this classic mullet haircut and jump back to the 80s. No modern touches and no stylish fades. Keep it traditional, conventional, and historical.
The mullet hairstyle makes a great combination with professional outfits. Also, it makes you look classy and attractive!

20.  Flat Top Mullet Fade

Flat Top Mullet Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

Last but not least, the flat-top mullet fade is a haircut for men who are not afraid to go all classic. This hairstyle can stand out easily with its flat top showing off your forehead in a classic manner. Pick this one only to feel the vintage vibes around you.

Not every face structure may work well with this haircut. Hence, make sure to discuss this with your stylist before cutting your hair flat.

The Takeaway

That’s all from our side. These are the 20 best mullet hairstyles for men. There are a variety of haircuts in the market that can help you achieve the look you want. Try some of these to know which mullet fade haircut suits you best.

If you have opted for any of these hairstyles, please share your pictures with us in the comments below. Also, give your reviews about the best mullet styles in 2024.

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