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Cheap Places to Travel in US While Having a Low Budget

Published On Mar 02, 2024 - written by Kyle Bobby

You need to significantly limit your budget to have a chance of success on a US shoestring budget but the reward is worth every penny. It's like America is alive. Whatever makes your heart beat faster, from spending time outside, the roaring city, or peaceful little towns, America might just have it without any fancy price tag on it. Bring to mind roaming the national parks and the price of a campsite can be less than one hotel stay. By doing this we can also visit cities where there are a lot of different museums, historical sites, and natural attractions none of which costs anything. Getting the road less traveled into locations off the beaten path or traveling through shoulder seasons is also another approach to keeping the price down. With some thoughtful planning and flexibility, you will come to appreciate the fact that America has hidden a wealth of natural beauties and cultures that will not pulverize your pockets.

Affordable Places to Visit in the US While Having a Low Budget

1. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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If you really wanna opt for cheap vacations then Initiate your trip with Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming because here you can explore some good places to visit in a very good budget I:e affordable and cheap. Many people know about Yellowstone as it is one of the cheapest places to Travel in the US and it is known for its geysers, grizzly bears, greenery, and majestic views. It is indeed an inexpensive getaway for those who want to unlock the magic of nature. Camping, walking, and trekking are good examples as economical alternatives. While doing so, you can also dip into the iconic geothermal features like the Old Faithful ski site. 

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans

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People search for places to travel that are not that expensive and easygoing. While in New Orleans, you can enjoy the powerful culture and magnanimous cuisine of the Big Easy province on an easy budget. While you just walk through the historic French Quarter, you can experience lots of free or low-esteem entertainment ventures. Though you can easily shell out a great deal of money by staying in an upscale or may be haunted hotel and every time go to Pricy restaurants and only use rideshare. Nevertheless, it's possible to have fun, eat good meals, and hit all the stuff there is to see in New Orleans, even when you're on a budget. 

3. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

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Experience this cool and eco-friendly town and enjoy many of the financial favors provided by such an experience. If you still have money for a food cart tour, get an Oregon Zoo pass and spend some time in Forest Park, Powell's City of Books, and the culinary scene associated with a small cart for a budget-friendly voyage of discovery. You can also visit Cannon Beach when in Portland Oregon. This small town resting approximately seventy miles northwest side of Portland, Oregon is the haven for nature therapy. To mention just a few of those, you have Ecola State Park forests that will leave you admiring without a dime spent, and you might spot marine animals in their natural habitat wandering the tide pools at Haystack Rock.

4. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

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If the city is well-known for its open-air concerts, and the local culture, it represents or free events and things to do. From discovering the street art on the south of Austin street to dipping into the natural water holes the city charm can be explored in a fun and cheapest way possible. Austin is a city that has developed a love for the outdoors, providing many free options and budget-friendly ways to have a good time. Whether you're a paddle boarder along the Lady Bird plate walk, a hiker at Zilker Park, or a rock climber on the Barton Greenbelt Creek, you can do Austin's most popular activities for free.

5. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

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Get the chance to go through the amazing wonder of the Grand Canyon without allowing it to be cash-draining. Hiking through the trails, setting up camp under star-studded heavens, and relishing in the several outstanding views from different lookout points are all pocket-friendly avenues that will let you discover this natural haven.

6. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina

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The City Called Asheville, differentiates itself from others as it is situated amongst the Blue Ridge Mountains, allowing for relishing of nature as well as artistic horizon. The city is a paradise for lovers of arts, come and take hikes through the meandering mountain trails, or visit the Biltmore estate for a thrilling but affordable and memorable visit. 

7. San Diego, California

San Diego, California

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The most expensive sojourns in California however, San Diego is rich in the inexpensive attractions to visit. Appreciate the noble beaches, stop at Balboa Park with its museums and gardens, and make some time exploring the Gaslight District to catch a glimpse of the city's electrifying culture. 

Southern California is considered the best solution for travelers traveling on a budget by using a Go San Diego pass to help them pay less for the San Diego attractions. This will spice up your next San Diego trip. The very good climate beaches are quite stunning parks are so peaceful, and the city offers visitors lots of free activities are what makes San Diego so affordable. 

8. Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg, California

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Nature has every influence on this community in Tennessee. Gatlinburg, the town that is barely on the edge of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, shines during fall season when leaves are changing colors. The town is a favorite place for different types of free activities like fishing, biking, bird watching, and hiking. It is great destination for families and groups with a tight budget. If the weather is not conducive to the outdoors, take the aerial tram ride up to Ober Gatlinburg or spend the day watching craftsmen work from the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community. Not only that but there are many cheap eateries in some of the best restaurants around Gatlinburg as well. 

9. Williamsburg

New Williamsburg

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This town of Virginia, the combination of which is both affordable and educational, is actually among the top picks. Williamsburg and the surrounding towns of Jamestown and Yorktown which comprise of some 400 years of proud American history make the Greater Williamsburg Area. Enjoy a trip back in time at Colonial Williamsburg, then go to the Williamsburg Premium Outlets for budget-friendly shopping. Go over in the fall or spring to escape the discomforting heat and the huge number of tourists that come in summer. Yet, if you pick summer as your visit time, ensure to attend the free outdoor concerts in Yorktown which is nearby.  


Being on a tight budget while traveling in the US doesn't necessarily equate to missing out on life-changing experiences. There are just too many budget-friendly destinations, where experiencing a richness of activities can take place, like hiking the national parks of Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon or basking in the sun against the vibrancy of New Orleans and Austin. By picking a place that is right by your wish appetites, taking advantage of natural attractions, and comfortably managing your budget on house and eating places, you can have your budget leave more to enjoy the entire trip.

The actual road to success is to have a plan in place while having the budget in mind, keep being flexible, and enjoy the many great attractions the US has that don’t come with a pricey budget. Regardless of your lifestyle or budget, there are hundreds of destinations in the USA that you can explore. So pack some bags, choose an optimum budget, and get ready to take on the beauty and diversity of your country an affordable way. Be it keeping the starry night sky your company, appreciating local delicacies, or savoring free performances, our suggestions will not only help you spend less but also get the most out of your trip. Prepare to wander, explore, adventure, and make memories of your life without the high price. 

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