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8 Easy Claw-Clip Hairstyles That Inspire Your Look

Published On Oct 17, 2023 - written by Julia Parker

We oftentimes hear ourselves proclaim that everything that was once out of style is now trendy in the fields of beauty and fashion. The 1990s were the most of that era. Some of our favorite '90s fashions are back and better than ever, like cycle shorts, slip dresses, and bucket hats. And one, the claw clip, is even making our lives a little bit simpler than they were a long time ago. You may find numerous styles for the low-cost hair item on social trends that suit every occasion.

8 Simple Claw-Clip Hairdos to Jazz Up Your Look

You've come to the perfect spot to get the cutest and most simple claw clip hairstyle ideas, anyhow of whether you love to sport braids, twists, your natural curls, or have fine hair. We pledge you'll be surprised at how smoothly a few clips can change an otherwise serious hair day into something exciting and lively.

1.  Hairdo With Two Claw Clips Up-Do

Hairdo With Two Claw Clips Up-Do

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The two baby pink claw clips give a contemporary twist to this rather Victorian-inspired ensemble. Simply divide your hair in half and secure it with the clips. Alternately, decide on your desired updo and arrange the clips thoughtfully on either side of your portion.

2.  Spiky Hairstyle With a Bun Claw Clip

Spiky Hairstyle With a Bun Claw Clip

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This spiky bun and fancy silver claw clip combo is the epitome of a very easy and convenient, cool, paying homage to the 90s. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck, twist it into a taut doughnut, and fasten it with your clip so that the ends protrude. This is how you achieve the impression. If you ask me about my suggestion then short hair is perfect for this.

3.  Chaotic French Twist Claw Clip Hairdo

Chaotic French Twist Claw Clip Hairdo

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It might be challenging for someone with long, thick hair to tie all of their hair up with a single hair tie. This claw clip style fills that need. This style, which is akin to a French twist, calls for twisting your hair before applying your clip. Nevertheless, for a messier appearance, let the ends hanging slightly over the top rather than using the clip to secure the entire portion.

4.  Low Bun Claw Clip Hairdo 

Low Bun Claw Clip Hairdo 

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This is a winner for those days when all you want is your hair out of your face. To secure your hair in place, just twist it into a casual low bun and fasten a huge claw clip to the side. Personally I love low bun with the claw clips because they are very comfortable and looks pretty too. 

5.  Hairstyle with Headband and Claw Clip

Hairstyle with Headband and Claw Clip

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When you can have two hair accessories, why stick with just one? A medium clip may hold up your hair, and the headband can hold your flyaways in place.

6.  Half Back Claw Clip Idea For You 

Half Back Claw Clip Idea For You 

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To get this look, all you need is a little or medium clip to pull back a piece of your hair while leaving the bottom down. Additionally, you may let your bangs fall into your face or draw some tendrils to the front.

7.  High Claw Clip Ponytail Hairdo

High Claw Clip Ponytail Hairdo

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Sometimes, especially if you have thicker hair, a single-hair tie cannot provide you with the right height for a voluminous ponytail. Thus, after pulling your hair up in a high ponytail, secure it with a clip to ensure it stays in place.

8.  High Claw Clip Ponytail

High Claw Clip Ponytail

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Sometimes a single hair tie won't provide you the proper height for a voluminous ponytail, especially if your hair is thicker. To guarantee that your hair stays in place after pulling it up in a high ponytail, fasten it with a clip.


The hair accessory's huge renewal may not come as a surprise. They look great on all hair types and are a lifesaver if your hair isn't acting right or if you're delaying your hair wash day. Even more stylishly practical, we've seen folks twisting their hair with a claw clip as they apply a hair treatment. It makes sense that wearing claw clips has become so fashionable. They may be quite useful as well as stylish, giving anything an air of ease. With these, you can even keep bothersome loose hair out of your face and toss up your hair while you're running.

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