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Colorful Makeup Looks That You Must Give a Try

Published On Mar 29, 2024 - written by Julia Parker

While clean makeup is still at war with grunge makeup, there are times when none of that is required, rather; a turn to color. Many believe color added to the makeup makes it look primitive, not wrong. But, nothing a bit of creativity couldn’t fix. Colorful makeup now took a turn towards aligning with modern makeup looks that come in handy when needed at certain events or even when you’re just; feeling it. 

Have a look at none other than Gigi Hadid’s Met Gala 2021 makeup look that slayed; done by her makeup artist, none other than Erin Parsons. 

Our goal for today is to help you find your favorite colorful makeup look that helps you for your next event or in general everyday look. 

Cool Colorful Makeup Looks for Your Next Slay Day

Eager to help you find your favorite colorful makeup looks to slay next. By giving you various options to choose from, find yours that suits the best with your style!

Floral Way

Fan of flowers? Or got a look in mind for a floral theme event? We’ve got you covered! This very beautiful look involves beautiful floral colors that would match your vibe well. Choose the colors of your favorite flowers and inspire your makeup look from them. This makeup look is inspired by beautiful purple, pink, and yellow flowers with yellow in the middle. Choose all three colors with a shimmery one for creating a holographic eye makeup. Grab that yellow one and add it in the inner corner of your eye to make them pop up. Balance everything out by using a nude lip and light pink blush. 


We love a sunset, may it be out in the sky or on our faces. This look is here to serve and give you the warm, cozy, and gorgeous vibe a sunset gives when you look at it. You’ll see an amazing look by only using sunset colors in the best possible way. Grab all the sunset colors like yellow, orange, and pink. Use yellow in the inner lid, pink somewhere between the middle and inner lid, and orange in the rest outer section. Make sure to use a highlighter and get a coral-pink gloss for the lip. 

Purple With Contrast

One for the individuals who seek a dreamy look in purple-couldn’t be achieved from none other than this one I’m about to introduce. I love light shimmer with a dreamy light color that contrasts well with whoever it comes up with. This makeup look encompasses something exactly like that. Grab onto your favorite light shimmery purple eyeshadow and apply it wholeheartedly along the whole eyes towards the outer browbone. Take hold of a beautiful shimmer orange eyeshadow and sleekly apply it to the inner corner of your eyes. Take a darker shade from the purple you took before and apply it at your lower lashline to make your eyes more prominent. Now, take that soft pink eyeshadow and apply it in a wing directed towards your outer browbone. You’re done with the eye part here. Make sure to use a highlighter and go for a toasty color for the lips. The blush shouldn’t be too dark. To make it even better, add fake freckles. 

Bold Blue

Fan of blue and want to do something bold with it? Keep this look as your very next one then. Take a blue eye shadow and make a thick wing from it that extends towards your outer eyebrow, apply the same one at your lower line and extend it parallel to your wing. To achieve the bold blue look completely, take hold of blue mascara as well and apply it too. Use a light blush to balance out the bold appearance and either your lips ombre or a darker shade of brown and maroon. 


We love the colors associated with euphoria and how about we make the most out of it? This makeup look would work so well if you have a similar theme photoshoot coming up. Get your hands on a light metallic blue eye shadow and a shimmery purple one, add light or dark pink to the list too. Go for the metallic blue for the inner corner of your eyes and the shimmer purple one for the rest. Now, grab that pink and fill your outer lid with it-make sure to cover a limited area and not spread it too much horizontally or vertically. Add a strong or light wing depending on the vibe. Add a pink blush and a medium-dark shade of lipstick. 

Dreamy Green


I love a pretty shade of green- you’ll love it too once you take a glance at this ethereal makeup look. Take a pretty light shade of green (sea-green) and apply it on your lid to your browbone and wing area, basically the whole area of your eye. Now, take a glittery pretty green eye shadow and apply it in the inner corner of your eye and the inner start of your lower lashline. Take face paint and create a small white flower with a yellow middle in the middle of your outer browbone and lid. Create the other flower on the next eye, but in the inner corner for a lovelier effect. Keep the blush light. Make fake freckles on your cheeks and bit around your forehead. Keep the lipstick and a medium darker shade. 

Colored Mascara and Liner Game

We love colored mascara and when the liner game is strong, the result is worth it. Opt for daring giving colored mascara like blue and a silver liner. Grab a black eye shadow too. Apply the colored mascara and make a graphic wing to the inner end of the upper crease. Grab the black eye shadow and create a shady effect inside the whole graphic liner area-upper lashline. Opt for a dark lip, create an ombre lip if you want, and Keep the blush lighter for a balanced finish. 

Golden and Light Purple

I love the light feels purple gives, it’s a lively feel. Get ready to embrace a look that makes you look as beautiful as ever. Your eyes would literally shine with this one. Grab a light purple shimmery eyeshadow and apply it in the inner corner and outer corner of your eyelid. Take a golden shimmer one and apply it in the middle of your eyelid to create a light holographic look. Take a lighter purple and apply it seamlessly at the lower lashline to allow your eyes to pop up more. Apply the mascara, and keep a light hand on the blush as well as the lips. If you’re using a highlighter-don’t use it a lot too. Here you have a fairy-like look right here. 


These were some worth the colorful eyeshadow looks as a whole, makeup looks that you’ve got to try next. These eyeshadow looks will provide you with the best appearance ever. Got a next photo shoot coming up? Check. Want to practice doing creative makeup? Would be a great and pretty start. Inspired by fairy makeup looks? This serves. Fan of colors? No better than these makeup looks. Try these out now and see for yourself the magic they bring to your look.

Julia Parker

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