Editorial Guidelines

These fundamental tenets guide the conception and creation of every piece of content on Modatell. 

Choosing Quality Over Click Bait:

There is a lot of talk about beauty online. We could attempt to cover everything, but we'd rather to focus on the highlights. We think a catchy headline only works if the content it links to makes you happy. We don't pretend to cover everything that's going on in the world of beauty, and we don't attempt to entice you with titles that promise more than they can offer since we believe it would make it more difficult to locate the material that will genuinely help you on your road to beauty.

Reliable Information Is Power: 

You can be confident that the acne advice or hair health trick we suggest is professional-approved since we consistently speak with the finest dermatologists, doctors, personal trainers, makeup artists, nutritionists, and stylists in the field. When it comes to our health coverage, we'll never publish a piece without quotations from the foremost experts in the field; this includes board-certified physicians, registered dietitians, and personal trainers who have earned their NASM or ACE certifications. Each item goes through several levels of review by being fact-checked for accuracy and thoroughly read by a relevant member of our Beauty & Wellness Review Board.

Our Readers Come First: 

The intention of every post we publish is to give you greater confidence so you can achieve your own aesthetic goals. Our tales have been shaped by your comments (send us an email at [email protected] or follow us on Instagram), as well as the newest advances in the fields of beauty, fashion, plus science.


We hold our articles to the greatest standards of journalistic accuracy while keeping them lively and relevant. Professional fact-checkers carefully examine each sentence, statistic, and assertion in our material before publishing it. They also cross-reference our articles with peer-reviewed studies and the most recent clinical research. Every time we offer material that wasn't based on a direct quotation from a knowledgeable expert, we'll fact-check it against medical journals and cite a reputable, peer-reviewed study right there in the piece to show you that we did the research.

The Beauty & Wellness Review Board:

We're pleased to announce that the Modatell team has an internal Beauty & Wellness Review Board made up of close to 50 esteemed dermatologists, dietitians, general practitioners, gynecologists, personal trainers, and psychologists who make sure our content is accurate, complete, true, and reflective of the most recent market research. Our Board plays a crucial role along the process as we work to earn your trust as the most reliable source for all things related to your health, beauty, and wellness. 

Click here to find out more about the members of the Beauty & Wellness Review Board as well as the selection process.

Writers & Sources:

Our authors are experts in their subjects, so they don't merely summarize and regurgitate material. They are critical, challenging, and unaffected by the newest and greatest wellness and beauty fads. Before being employed, writers for Modatell are extensively screened for biases, conflicts of interest, and expertise. Every one of our writers has years of experience interviewing experts in the field in order to produce extensive, fact-based articles that provide the answers you genuinely want to know—and do so accurately.If you read anything in a Modatell article, you can be confident that the data was obtained from an authoritative source (such as a dermatologist who has earned board certification) or a peer-reviewed publication with support from the medical community.

Corrections & Content Quality Updates:

Whatever we publish on Modatell is totally based on accurately obtained data, yet it can change. To make sure our information incorporates the most recent market research, we timely review it. However, if there is any error found, please email our senior editor Holly Rhue at [email protected].

Diversity & Inclusion:

We prioritize two main things; diversity and inclusiveness. Our core principle is to make people of all age, color, gender identity, or sexual orientation feel accepted and represented whenever they visit  Modatell. Our team aims to offer a platform to the people who are overlooked so that they can contribute to the conversation around beauty. We believe, everyone has a right to express their thoughts on beauty via discussion because it comes in a variety of forms, colors, and sizes.

The concrete efforts we're doing to make diversity, inclusion, and representation our top priority will be openly and transparently communicated. Our Diversity Pledge, which commits us to holding ourselves accountable and putting forward the most attractive, representative Modatell, is one such step. We provide a status report on our commitment at the end of each quarter so that our viewers may see how we're doing. Our pledge is quantifiable. You may read the whole text of our Diversity Pledge here.

In Modatell, Dr. Mackenzie Price's Anti-Bias Review Board is now functioning in which recommendations regarding Modatell content are provided by Dr. Price's team. The team makes sure that entire content produced is unbiased and unique. Team works on making story  more visually appealing to the full range of Modatell readers or modifying selection of products so that reliable advice can be provided at a variety of price points.

Editorial Ethics:

To provide up to date information to viewers, Modatell remains in constant collaboration with spas, salons, beauty PR firms, and beauty businesses. This helps us in bringing advancements into our business which is also in the best interest of viewers such as revolutionary new skincare ingredient or the next in-office laser. 

As a result, we don't discuss any procedures, goods, or experiences that we wouldn't personally advise. Additionally, we don't take payment in return for coverage. Compliance with the FTC disclosure rules is expected of all of our experts and contributors. 

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Our goal at Modatellis to give you in-depth, unbiased information about health, beauty, and wellness items that will help you feel your best. To assist propose the best items available, we draw on our extensive network of specialists. In many cases, we test and review these products ourselves (or have our reliable contributors do so). The aim is to provide you as much information as we can about each product so you can decide whether it would be a good fit for your requirements and price range.We could get a cut of your purchases if you click on links in our material, but we never get paid or given credit for the suggestions we make.

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