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5 Neck Beard Ideas Every Man Should Try

Published On Sep 27, 2023 - written by Dylan Elloit

You must be familiar with the term neck beard or must be knowing what neck beard is. However, it may surprise you that it is not that simple. There is much more to the term neck beard. It includes elements from history as well as perceptions formed about the term on various internet websites. To clarify, let’s begin with the simple definition of neck beard. Neck beard is a beard that starts from above your jawline and ends at your neck. Considering the broader element of the term neck beard, we will discuss history and origin of neck beard, its perception, and styles and ideas for growing a neck beard in this article. 

In the early 2000’s, numerous internet users augmented discussion regarding men with neck beard, on various internet websites and platforms. One of those websites included Reddit, where people stated that socially awkward and lonely men tend to have neck beards. They further mentioned that men who are unhygienic and ungroom keep neck beard. Moreover, other online discussion platforms such asEverything2 and Something awful had users saying that men with neck beard are less confident, nerd, messy and fat. 

After so much negative complements surging for neck beards, Oxford Dictionary also introduced the definition of neck beards that complied with the perception and narrative around it. According to Oxford Dictionary’s definition “neck beard is an informal term for the facial hair on the neck, usually ungroomed, and sometimes accompanied by little or no hair on the rest of the face. It is often used to stereotype nerds and geek.”

However, if we look around today’s trend and fashion, there are many famous celebrities and athletes who have neck beards and they are loved for their look, rather than being criticized. Jonah Hill, Christian bale, Peter Dinklage, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lionel Messi and David Beckham, all of them slayed their look in neck beards. Moreover, comic characters such as Jeff Albertson from ‘The Simpson’ and Jenkins from ‘South Park’ had neck beards too. 

History of Neck Beards 

Famous author of the nineteenth century, Henry David Thoreauposed for a photograph with a neck beard. He kept a neck beard to protect his throat from getting cold. In addition to this, Abraham Lincoln, former U.S president in the nineteenth century, also had a neck beard. Therefore, neck beard became a fashion trend in the nineteenth century and was followed by aristocrats, clergymen and professors at that time. 

Moreover, Amish men were also the ones to keep neck beard, when it comes to history of neck beard. Amish men considered it a religious obligation to keep neck beard. They used to shave and trim their beards when they were single. After getting married, it was a tradition to not cut beard as it was sign of manhood. 

Moving on, it is evident from history and current trends that there are different styles of neck beards for men. There is no definite style of keeping a neck beard, hence men can make variation to their neck beard style, in terms of volume and length.

Let’s Check Out Neck Beard Styles For Men To Try Out! 

Although growing a neck beard is considered unkempt, unorganized and scruffy in the past years, however, it comes with advantages as well. It gives an alluring and appealing touch to men’s overall look and appearance. Therefore, men today can look overwhelming more than ever, with the following neck beard ideas. 

Professional Neck Beard Style

Professional Neck Beard 

This neck beard style is very neat and seems organized. In this neck beard style, the beard starts from ears or temples as a thin line. Your beard will become dense at your cheeks and jawline. Moreover, you need to keep your beard dense at neckline as well. For men who are working and want to flaunt make heads turn around at their workplace, can try this hairstyle. Their colleagues won’t be able to take eyes off from them, as it will give a sophisticated and decent look to their style.

Chain Strap Neck Beard Style 

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This neck style is for those who want to make their jawline more prominent than their chin. To have this beard style, you need to trim your beard short, starting from the temples to your jawline, but not your chin. You need to keep the beard dense at your chin. This neck beard style will look awesome on men with thin jawline and pointed chin. If you grow a mustache with this beard style, it will make heads turn around. 

Rugged Neck Beard Style 

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If you want to look all rough and scruffy, then this beard style is the best option for you. For men who want to add an enticing and masculine touch to their look, can opt for this style. All you have to do is trim your beard shorter at your cheeks and jawline, than your neckline and mustache. Keep your beard dense below the jawline. It will make your jawline more prominent and neckline heavy with beard. 

Thick and Grizzly Neck Beard Style 

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For all the men who want to express themselves with bold and scruffy style, try out this neck beard style and make a new style statement. This is similar to the rugged neck beard style, but the difference is that there is lesser hair on your chin and neck line. You just have to trim your beard a little shorter, not too short, at your cheeks and jawline, and keep the beard at your chin slightly denser than the rest. Moreover, you need to trim your beard at your neckline shorter as well. 

Rounded Neck bear Style 

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For men who have a curvy, U-shaped neckline, and jawline that runs down to the neckline directly, can opt for this beard style. For this neck beard style, you will have to trim your beard slightly short at the cheeks, above your jawline. While trimming, you need to be careful that you do not trim the beard at your jawline. Therefore, keep your beard comparatively denser at the jawline and neckline. This will make your beard at the jawline and neckline look rounded and consistent. 


Although there are several neck beard styles for men, but the ones mentioned will give a sleek and edgy look. Moreover, to try out any neck beard style, you need to take care of your beard and make it your daily routine. For this, trim your beard neatly with a razor or electric trimmer, and remove unnecessary hairs from neckline. You should wash your beard on a daily basis to keep it away from dirt and then apply conditioner to make it soft. Furthermore, you should brush your beard smoothly and gently on a daily basis. Taking good care your beard and grooming it well will make you look more organized and hygienic. 

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