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Ultimate Guide To Style Lanvin Sneakers For A Perfect Look

Published On Sep 12, 2023 - written by Myra Duckett

Lanvin sneaker is one of the most stylish shoes that you can wear. Lanvin has successfully increased its revenue upto 37% due to these trendy shoes. It is a special for the honor of classic skate shoe brands like eS, Etnies, and Emerica. It has comedic large laces and a thick tongue that makes the Nike SB Dunk tongue look too thin. With this shoe, Lanvin makes it harder to say what high fashion is and what streetwear is. The company just gave the shoe a new look with a sleek dark color that looks a lot like the Osiris D3. 

There are almost endless ways to style Lanvin Sneakers, but we've chosen some looks that are perfect for the Curb and can be worn all summer long. Our top choice for a brand-new pair of high-end sneakers can be found on the Lanvin website right now.

Amazing Ways To Style Lanvin Sneakers

Following are some of the best style Lanvin Sneakers for a beautiful look:

Style Lanvin Sneakers with Summer Outfit

Style Lanvin Sneakers with Summer Outfit

A beautiful and comfortable option for a casual yet stylish look, pairing summer attire with a pair of Lanvin sneakers is a great way to complete the ensemble. Combine your Lanvin sneakers with bottoms that are breathable and appropriate for the warm weather. 

Wear your Lanvin shoes with light bottoms, like cut-off shorts or linen pants, to match their open feel. When you want to look good and be ready for warm weather, light-colored shorts in shades of white, beige, or light gray work well.

Think about wearing a pair of slim-fit chino shorts or linen pants in a color that contrasts with the sneakers you have chosen to wear. Check to see that the hues of the rest of your clothing go well with the sneakers you purchased from Lanvin. 

Not only what you wear but also how you hold yourself is important to achieving a beautiful look for the summer. Maintain a laid-back attitude and take pleasure in the coziness and sophistication of your Lanvin sneakers.

Style Lanvin Sneakers with Winter Outfit

Style Lanvin Sneakers with Winter Outfit

Because Lanvin shoes are both comfy and attractive, they might be an ideal addition to any winter outfit. Start with a pair of dark jeans or pants with wide legs, like black, charcoal, or deep blue. Choose a chunky knit jacket that is a different color than your pants. A turtleneck or crew-neck sweater made of wool or cashmere will keep you warm and still make you look stylish.

Add a winter coat that is in style to your outfit. Depending on your style and how bad the winter weather is, you can wear a wool cloak, a leather jacket, or a downparka. Keep in mind that Lanvin sneakers have a simple, high-end look, so wear them with relaxed or even slightly dressier pieces. The trick is to make a pattern that goes together, keeps you warm, and shows off your style.

Style Lanvin Sneakers with a Loungewear Outfit

Style Lanvin Sneakers with a Loungewear Outfit

Putting together loungewear and Lanvin shoes is all about finding a mix between comfort and style. Choose loungewear that looks good and feels good. Choose sweatpants or pants in neutral colors like black, gray, or blue. Most Lanvin shoes will look good with these colors, and they will give your outfit a classy base. 

Start with a pair of sleek, well-fitted jogger pants in a neutral or monochromatic color, like black, gray, or blue. These pants give you a modern and easy base for your loungewear outfit.

Make sure your shoes and loungewear fit right. Your general style can be hurt by clothes that are too big or don't fit right. Your shoes should not only fit right but also be comfortable and give you support.

Style Lanvin Sneakers with Skate Outfit

Style Lanvin Sneakers with Skate Outfit

Putting together Lanvin sneakers and skater basics can make for a stylish and comfy outfit that mixes streetwear and high fashion. Choose Lanvin sneakers because they are simple, the sneakers can be worn with many different outfits. They will go well with a skater-inspired outfit.

Normal skate essentials include clothes that are casual and comfy. Think about wearing a shirt with squares on it. Add to the skater look by wearing it with well-fitting, comfy jeans or cargo pants.

Embracing your style and attitude is the key to rocking skate essentials with your Lanvin shoes. If you walk with confidence, people will notice your look no matter what. 


Now a day internet features the Lanvin Curb, which is one of the most popular luxury shoe shapes right now. The shoe was made with skate names like Osiris and DC in mind. Even though it has a very round shape, the Curb is just as flexible as other popular shoe styles like the Air Jordan 1, Nike Dunk Low, and New Balance 550. We have mentioned the best ways to style the Lanvin Curb, like with baggy jeans, leather pants, and eye-catching outerwear.

We hope this guide is going to be very helpful for you to style Lanvin Sneakers.

Myra Duckett

Myra Duckett is a footwear connoisseur whose words dance with the elegance and passion found in every step of the shoe journey, from sole to style.