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How To Style Sequin Blazer: Make Your Presence More Attractive

Published On Sep 15, 2023 - written by Eliana Marcel

It’s high time we all should switch our classic tailored blazers with a sequin blazer to give a twist to our personalities and fashion choices. I do understand we also can’t live without a classic crisp blazer but i am not asking you to throw them, i didn’t mean that. The only way to bring a twist to your outfits is by styling a sequin blazer in different ways and it's too easy, I swear. There’s a lot of colors, designs, patterns, and even shapes now when it comes to sparkly blazers. The only pieces needed to add a bold statement is a sequin blazer womens desire.

How to Style Sequin Blazer

Here are my top picks for styling sparkly blazers but the possibilities are endless, so you can mix and match your wardrobe staples to create a perfect outfit with a sequin blazer.

Mix With Casuals

What else do you need when you are bored with your daily staples? A piece that takes your outfit from boring to an eye-catching ensemble. Every one of us has jeans, a tee or a blouse in our closet right? Only one thing you need to create this look and that is a sequin blazer. To create this look start with a silk tank top, and get inside your favorite pair of jeans to achieve a perfect casual look. Then, opt for a sparkly silver blazer that adds just the right amount of shimmers to the casual outfit and lastly, wear your statement jewelry pieces to give a polished touch to the outfit.

Fall Outfit

You must be searching for a perfect fall outfit as we have already started feeling all the cold and breezy air touching our face whenever we get outside. While all you can see these days is warm, soft and quite dull tones which are actually fall’s color palette and everyone is following that, but why not give a twist to the fall 2023 trends with a sequin blazer in just the right shade for fall season? Sounds great, right? So let’s get right into creating a perfect fall outfit. First slide into your favorite pair of biscuity colored leather pants to add a warm and perfect fall vibe to the look, then go for a white scoop neck crop top to give a trendy touch and last but not the least a sequin blazer in nude color with a soft gold sequin to complete the sparkly fall outfit.

Black and White Outfit

The black and white combination has never disappointed us whether we opt for a shimmery blazer or even a casual jeans top. This outfit idea is extremely timeless, as it can take you from a brunch with your friends to a really fancy dinner or a party of the fall season. In the above outfit, we opted for biscuity leather pants but for this outfit we are not ditching leather but instead we are going for leather leggings to give off the perfect body hugging look to the outfit. To achieve this look, wear your favorite crop top in white to show some skin, while a black leather legging will give you all the warmth and style you need this fall. Finishing off with a black sequined-blazer that’s enough to make a bold statement.

All-White Monochrome Outfit

If you are anything like me and so into white color, then this is all you need to flaunt the sequin blazer in a most stylish way. I am the person who always looks for whites in any kind of attire I see, spot, or even walk by. This is a perfect outfit to rock at your friend's birthday or your own, a cocktail party, a fancy family dinner, or even at a date night. I cannot stop being obsessed with this one because of the versatility and gorgeousness of this outfit. You just have to opt for a co-ord blazer set to create this monochromatic look and add a handbag of the same color to make it look even more trendy.

Disco Barbie Look

After all the nudes and whites, we need to add a bold color to our sequin blazer to stand out in the crowd. This barbie-inspired trendy co-ord outfit is what we need to step into a party and hear Hey Barbie from everyone (every girl’s dream, right?). For this you have to opt for a cropped pink sequined blazer and a sequined short to create the perfect barbiecore vibe with your look. 


Just like any other clothing we own in our closet, sequin blazers are equally versatile, easy to style, and are timeless enough to be styled throughout the year. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to be wise when you choose a sequin blazer for you. A white, nude or soft silver blazer will be suitable for all kinds of occasions but the bold colors will not have that many possibilities to be styled for different occasions, so invest wisely.

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