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Everything You Need to Know About Sunset Makeup Foundation: Customer Reviews

Published On Sep 20, 2023 - written by Julia Parker

Foundation is an essential part of makeup. It works as a base or canvas on which the makeup is supposed to be applied. Choosing the right one can, no doubt, be a hassle. From choosing the right shade for your skin tone to finding a good quality one that provides good coverage with long-lasting effects. Quite the challenge it is. Believe me when I say that a lot of people I know suffer from this every single day. Little do they know, that all their worries are just about to vanish away. 

To help you out of this ever-going struggle and to save your precious time, we have curated a list of foundations from ‘Sunset Makeup’. Need a lightweight, high-coverage foundation that gives the skin a throughout-the-day look of smoothness, blurriness, and suppleness? ‘Sunset Makeup has got it all for sure! So read till the end to learn about these precious products and have a sneak peek at the reviews they have gotten too!

All You Need to Know About Sunset Makeup Foundation (Reviews Included)

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Delve in and explore some of the foundations out there!

Liquid Foundation

This liquid foundation from Sunset Makeup works wonders. This moisturizing mixture offers your skin a youthful appearance whilst minimizing texture and reducing the visibility of pores. It's lightweight and cozy, without seeming cakey or dry at all.


“On my first day of college, I had a full-blown panic attack and was sobbing while attempting to find parking”, sounds awful (can relate) following up with “and this foundation did not budge at all.” Thought so! “Definitely recommended”. Says Livi M, giving a review of this masterpiece.
Goth approved !!

t.d clearly says “ This foundation works exactly as promised and provides great coverage. At first, when I spread it with a beauty blender it came out a bit blotchy and it left me perplexed. But, I worked it out by spreading it with my fingers and then patting it with a beauty blender. I figured out that it works much better this way. The reason is that it’s less thick than most foundations/ face paints I’ve tried.

I must say I like how it feels way lighter than the other foundations on the skin I must admit that I enjoy how light it feels against my skin. I usually just require a single coat of coverage with the pure white foundation on my face, but since I have incredibly light skin I can't really comment on how well it covers darker complexion. I'll never use white face paint again because of how wonderfully this and the sunset makeup setting powder work.

I must say t.d has explained it beautifully.

Colorful Foundation

Something so much changes makes me wonder what’s new the beauty world is about to launch which was never ever heard before. This time I am talking about colored foundation whose application is solely based upon the color theory. The colored foundation comes in 10 distinct tones and offers good coverage and at the same time makes the skin look soft, smooth, and blurred all day. This foundation has the capability of keeping your skin moisturized and provides your skin with a youthful appearance. Moreover, it conceals texture and minimizes the visibility of pores. It promises Lightweight and cozy coverage. And I am also not a fan of cakey and dry coverage at all. I find it very promising that you can add the white hue to any color if you want to make it lighter or add the black hue to any color to make it darker. If you want the foundation to seem matte and transfer-proof, set it with translucent setting powder.

This went viral from TikTok. I’ve got to say “If you want to make fashion-forward choices, use TikTok”. Jokes apart! Let’s explore what people think about it. Is it as interesting as it seems or there is way more to it?

Loved It So Much!

I believe loyal customers like him are all a company wants.
S.R. says “I admit the white setting powder, blue foundation, and white foundation which I bought all performed well! For my cosplays, I've always been in search of face paint that doesn't melt and cannot stay all day long. I am grateful that these products worked flawlessly over the cosplay convention! I mixed the white and blue to obtain a lighter shade for my Dash cosplay. I don't regret buying it so I will definitely buy it again!

Excellent Coverage

C.M. says “For this faerie design that I'm working on, I used a splendid combination of the colors purple and white! The lip is likewise duo chrome shadow over a matte lipstick lip from Sunset, and I covered any scars or pigmentations with a lavender concealer from Sunset. I used a powder highlighter and luckily it was also from Sunset. Every item I’ve gotten has been top-notch quality.”



Well, as expected, Sunset Makeup didn’t fail to disappoint. With its unique features and multiple shade choices on the following products, Sunset Makeup has shown its true craftsmanship by creating something worth admiring. I must say, I’m impressed! And it’s your sign to try these out too!

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