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Agreement with the Terms of Service:

We are pleased to have you on our website. By using this site, or any other run by Modatell and its corporate entities or group of companies, as well as all associated servers and all the operations available on these websites, you agree to the following terms and conditions as well as any other usage guidelines mentioned or made available on this website. Every financial statement referenced or made available at Modatell is compliant with relevant UK law or is approved by the UK listing authority.

Rights To The Content:

Except for the content mentioned or covered in the given paragraph, all content mentioned or accessible through this website, any other websites affiliated with Modatell, or any offered servers is protected by copyright, and Modatell is the owner of all other materials, including text, music, videos, audios, images, and infographics, as well as any source code and software compilations. The website's proprietors maintain all rights to any of this information.

All of the logos, service marks, and trademarks mentioned that aren't present on this website or any other website connected to Modatell or any of its servers are either licensed or owned by Modatell or its group of companies. You do not have the right to modify, use, vary, reproduce, copy, publish, transmit, store, display, distribute, disseminate, or otherwise commercially exploit any trademarks, even though they are all saved as specifically stated on this website, without the prior written consent of Modatell or its group of companies, any other authorities associated with the Modatell or any of its servers.

While making sure that the material or content contains a licensed copy and noting that all of the content that you downloaded or printed falls completely under the ownership of Modatell, its group of companies, or any other servers associated with it, you are, however, permitted to download or print any extracts of all the material and content available or mentioned on Modatell or any of its websites for your personal use.

You cannot use any of the content you print or download for commercial purposes. saved as specifically specified or indicated as required for downloading, printing, or viewing for personal use. Until or until Modatell, its group of businesses, or any other entity linked with it, has granted its express authorization, the user may not reproduce, edit, vary, use, publish, copy, store, transmit, disseminate, or commercially exploit any extracts from or printouts of the material.

Downloads, Services, and Products from Third Parties:

This website may include connections to different items owned by various third parties as well as products from various third parties, along with any other websites connected to Modatell or any of its servers. 

In this instance, Modatell has no affiliation or direct connection to the goods and services provided by third parties. Unless explicitly indicated otherwise, Modatell disclaims all liability for and endorsement of any third-party goods and services advertised on Modatell or any of its websites. Additionally, Modatell disclaims all obligation and responsibility for any contracts, terms, or conditions you engage in with third parties or about any goods or services they provide. We inform our viewers of the following since Modatell strives to provide objective editorials on our website:

Modatell occasionally receives materials and products from various marketers, which we review, discuss, or mention in or through our editorials. 

Modatell frequently runs advertisements and promotions of such products and services on all of the websites and businesses that sell them, for which we may receive payment. 

Modatell may sell such products and services in its store, on its websites, or any other websites associated with it.

Modatell believes in taking numerous initiatives toward affiliate marketing. To give an idea, Amazon Services LLC Associates Program is an affiliate marketing program that we take part in. Through this, websites are allowed to benefit from advertising revenue by advertising, promoting, or connecting to the official website of Amazon.


You acknowledge and agree that any downloads related to Modatell or any of its group websites, including but not limited to: 

You have the legal right to use such downloads under the condition that you do not own any intellectual property about or included in such downloads, and you may be required to sign an end-user agreement or license to use any such download.

You do not have the authority to use any files in any way that would be illegal under UK law, including but not limited to copying, reselling, editing, or otherwise altering them. Users should pay close attention to Section 7 of the terms of usage. Before downloading from this website or any others linked to Modatell, you must have thoroughly read them.

User Behavior:

By using this website or any other website connected to Modatell, you promise as a user that you will not, 

Any content violating the rights, or without limitation any other property rights of any or all third parties, or anything that may be harmful, against the law, abusive, derogatory, defaming in case of belief, race or gender, or else otherwise promoting vulgarity, obscenity, indecency, or invasive of others privacy is viewed as illegal.

Introducing content or IP addresses, or otherwise sharing, posting, or uploading any type of content that contains software bugs or other files and programs that could limit, interrupt, or destroy the Modatell website, any other website connected to Modatell, any of its servers, or any other websites and servers on any other computer devices, or otherwise sending any kind of bulk mail, junk mail, or pyramid-selling scheme.

Transmit, share, post, or upload any kind of content for professional or commercial purposes, or in any other way distribute content that could involve advertising or commercial content. 

Prevent or otherwise limit access to this or any other website maintained by Modatell by any other person or material. 

Upload, transmit, post, distribute, or otherwise make available any information that is not essential or that might potentially contain information that has already been uploaded, communicated, or posted by you or another user unless it is deemed necessary.

Uploading or sharing any content that is not relevant to the information and material already available on Modatell or any other linked website.

Use any e-mail address provided by a free service like Outlook or Hotmail to send, post, distribute, or upload any kind of content or material to the official website of Modatell, any other website connected to Modatell, or any of its servers.

Try to use this website, any other website connected to Modatell, or any of its servers in a way that could be against the terms and conditions contained therein, as well as any other rules and laws that might occasionally be in effect or be in force.

Attempt to violate the terms and conditions of any restriction or suspension, or utilize any other alternative access method.

You, as a user, accept that you are entirely responsible and liable for keeping up a safe password that you can use to access any of the member areas of this website, any other website connected to Modatell, or any of its servers.

You fully understand and agree to hold harmless Modatell, its family of companies, and any other servers connected to Modatell from and against any loss, damage, costs, or expenses that may be incurred directly or indirectly as a result of your use of this website, any other websites connected to Modatell, or any of its servers in ways other than those permitted by the terms of usage stated on this website.

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