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Funky Textured Fringe Haircuts For Men To Give A Try

Published On Dec 01, 2023 - written by Julia Parker

Textured fringe haircuts are a popular and trending hairstyle for men in 2023. A textured fringe haircut adds prominence to your face shape and jawlines. The best part about a textured fringe haircut is that it can be transitioned into different hairstyles according to your preference. Hence you can choose a textured fringe haircut that perfectly complements your face shape and overall appearance. After searching the internet and social media for latest hairstyles for men this year, I can assure you that textured fringe haircuts will take over the realm of trendy hairstyles for men this year. To all the boys out there, take a glance at textured fringe haircuts. I can swear that you are gonna love it!!

There are unlimited textured fringe hairstyles for men, we have gathered the most popular ones that exude funky and jagged look with a touch of elegance. Before we move further, we will first give an overview about textured fringe haircut. 

What Is A Textured Fringe Haircut? 

A textured fringe haircut involves trimming hairs from the sides and above the ears, temples, nape of the neck, and back of the head, short, leaving hairs at the top long and uncut, falling over your forehead like bangs.  

Try Out The Following Textured Fringe Haircuts For A Funky And Rough Look!

Boys who want to impress people and draw female attention should go for a funky and rough hairstyle, rather than the gentle and regular ones. The following textured fringe haircut are sure to elevate your appearance and be a game changer for you. 

Mid Taper Textured Fringe Haircut

Mid taper textured fringe haircut

Image Source: i.pinimg.com

Taper haircut involves cutting hairs in a way that they are longer at the top and gradually get shorter at the bottom and side of head. A mid taper textured fringe haircut involves cutting hairs from above the ears, temples and back of the head slightly shorter. Hair at the top and bottom are balanced and typically form a horizontal line which highlights the point your hair changes length. Textured fringe with mid taper looks good on men with thin face and sharp jawlines. 

Low Taper Textured Fringe Haircuts 

Low taper textured fringe haircuts

Image Source: menshaircuts.com

Low taper textured fringe haircut comes with short hairs at the sides and around the head with longer hairs at the top only. The roots and scalp at the sides and around the head are visible and prominent with striking effect. The difference between the length of hairs at the top and bottom is relatively prominent than in a mid taper textured fringe haircut. Men who love to showcase tattoos or cut designs at the sides of hair. 

Textured Fringe Haircut For Curly Hair

Textured fringe haircut for curly hair

Image Source: i0.wp.com

Men can now flaunt their curls and avoid the hassle of straightening their hair. If you have tight and dense curls, trim your hair short at the bottom and around your neck like a low taper. Your curly fringes hanging on your forehead will give an exclusive and rough look with a touch of sophistication. It will transform your look completely and give a jaw-dropping look. 

Angular Textured Fringe Haircut 

Angular textured fringe haircut

Boys who want to show-off with their funky hairstyle for parties and night out should definitely opt for this hairstyle. Fringes hanging on your forehead with either one side or both sides chopped will look sleek and chic more than you have imagined. Men with straight hair and sharp jawlines can go with this textured fringe haircut. 

Textured Fringe Haircut For Short Hair

Textured Fringe Haircut For Short Hair

Boys who want to make their short foreheads look wide and highlight their face and jawlines should not hesitate to adopt this hairstyle. All you have to do is ask your hairstylist to taper your hair from the sides and back of your head shorter and cut your fringes to the length that they barely fall over your forehead. It looks cool and is a good option for a day at the beach in summer. 

Textured Fringe Haircut For Wavy Hair

Textured fringe haircut for wavy hair

Image Source: thetrendspotter.net

If you wish to keep your waves flowing over your forehead, then get the sides, temples and back of your head trimmed or tapered to the length you want. Once it’s done, ask your stylist to blow dry or spritz hair spray on your hairs to keep the waves tight, in tacked and natural. It’s a perfect hairstyle for a date, night out or moving around to carry out your routine work.   

Messy Textured Fringe Haircut

Messy textured fringe haircut

A hairstyle that goes well with any informal occasion and requires less time, it’s none other than the messy textured fringe haircut. It looks good on anyone who goes for it. It is a relaxed hairstyle with tousled aesthetic which will remind you of the retro vibe and a laid back look. From grocery shopping to attending college to going out for party, this textured fringe haircut will give a breezy look and chill vibes all over. 

Faux Hawk Textured Fringe Haircut

Faux hawk textured fringe haircut

This textured fringe haircut is a perfect blend of messy, funky, groove and hip-hop look. It comes with spikes at the top of the head with fringes on forehead, and sides trimmed short enough to give a fading look. Hence, the spikes look prominent than the tapered sides. Boys who want to stand out in the crowd or look chic like a DJ in a club should don this hairstyle and slay their look. 


Textured fringe haircuts offer variety of hairstyle. You can alter the length of your hairs as you like. They are a perfect fit for all informal and casual occasions. You can ask your hairstylist to trim your hairs to the length you want. In 2 to 5 months you can grow textured fringe hair and get them tapered or trimmed every 2 to 6 weeks, depending upon the pace your hair grows. 

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