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Ideas For A Tiny Christmas Tree For Decoration In Small Spaces

Published On Dec 11, 2023 - written by Daniel Edward

We all know what December’s winter calls for, Christmas. And decorations are something vital to spend your day with them to warm your eyes now and then. Basic problems that arise usually at this time of the year are the sizes of the decorations, let’s say it like that. The day is full of huge decorations that sometimes become a problem for the ones who live in a smaller space.

Our goal for today would be finding space-friendly decorations for small spaces that allow you to celebrate the day with dedication, without you compromising on any kind of décor. In this blog, we’ll be solely focusing on providing you with tiny Christmas trees that are perfect for décor in small spaces. For your ease, delve in and educate yourselves about small friendly Christmas trees for your ease.

Ideas For A Tiny Christmas Tree Décor in Small Places

Delve in and learn about some creative ideas for a tiny Christmas tree decoration in a small place.

Table and Tiny Tree

Image Source: i.pinimg.com

The first idea that comes to my mind is a tiny tree placed on a tabletop. I mean, wouldn’t that look so cool? Especially after adding ornaments and necessary décor on the tree, placing a huge Christmas tree wouldn’t be a need anymore. Make sure to take a tiny tree up to a height of 2-3 feet, something that complements the table well. Add on necessary decorations and have a tree without it taking up too much space.

DIY Christmas Tree

Image Source: lovelyindeed.com

Something made by you with care holds a lot of love and meaning, making a mini Christmas tree out of it won’t be a bad idea after all then. You can make multiple tiny trees with the help of cardboard a foot long or a good 3 feet long, decorate it with light, ornaments, etc., and place it wherever you’d like in your house, somewhere where it won’t disturb your work on that day.

Cone Christmas Trees

Cone Christmas Trees

Image Source: thechristmastreecompany.com.au

We all know that a small space calls for something creative, so we’re not waiting anymore and telling you about cone trees already. You can make cone-shaped trees with the help of paper or fabric in different shapes and sizes. After doing that, stack them up and decorate them as you’d like with ornaments, etc. Place it in a prominent corner or somewhere where it suits your place well.

Stacked-Books Tiny Christmas Tree

Image Source: hips.hearstapps.com

Yes exactly, we’re getting more creative with our search and trying our best to provide you with the best ideas possible. All you need for this one is books, just books. Start with the biggest book on the bottom and then gradually start decreasing the size while you reach up to the top. When you’re done doing that, place a decorative top on the tree and decorate your meaningful tree with lights and ornaments. Books aren’t that huge too, so this one is a desirable one for small spaces.

Fairy lights Tiny Christmas Tree

Fairy lights Tiny Christmas Tree

Image Source: contentgrid.homedepot-static.com

This one is a pretty aesthetic idea, a Christmas tree with fairy lights hanging on the wall, very creative to be honest. Start with getting fairy lights and removable adhesive hooks to hang them, and place those hooks in a manner that they outline a Christmas tree. This would allow you to have a Christmas tree without taking any of your floor space, just the walls! You can also decorate the lights by adding lightweight ornaments that don’t trigger the fairy lights to fall, keep their weight-carrying barrier in mind, same goes for the removable adhesive hooks.

Wall-Mounted Christmas Tree

Image Source: static.thcdn.com

Last but not least, a wall-mounted Christmas tree, that has a flat back and is designed to hang against the wall. These trees are ideal for people with small spaces as they don’t cover up ground space, only the walls! These come in various designs, so you can opt for whichever one you like. And just like every other tree, decorate it as you’d like to.


These are some small Christmas tree ideas for you to pull off in your small space! You don’t have to rely on ‘go big or go home’ for Christmas days anymore, you can stand out in your way. So opt for these trees and allow yourself to have a day full of creativity that doesn’t overwhelm you with the amount of space being taken by your Christmas décor.

Daniel Edward

Daniel Edward