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7 Best Tips To Look Stylish At All Times

Published On Sep 30, 2023 - written by Dylan Elloit

Fashion is a personal statement. It tells a lot about personality, aura, and simply about a person’s taste. People tend to bind themselves from what is in trend to what is out of trend. I mean, is there any trend needed to dress up the way you want to? Of course not. You should feel confident in the way you dress, and that is exactly where staples come in handy. 

It does not take a lot to look effortless and chic. You don’t have to spend a big bucket of dollars to keep your style game strong. In this article, we’ll give you basic advice about how to keep your fashion game strong and that too without spending too much. Sustainable fashion has become the new norm. Reusing your clothes in different styles boosts your styling skills as well. 

7 Best Tips To Keep Your Fashion Game Strong

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Style and chicness come from within. But someone must give the correct tips to look your best. Here are a few extremely important tips to look stylish at all times. 

Build Your Capsule Wardrobe

Purchasing the right kind of clothes is what makes the capsule wardrobe. Its building is a small collection of staple items that can be designed interchangeably to create different looks. It helps to maximize the number of looks you can achieve by having the right knowledge of styling. A simple pair of well-fitted jeans, tailored trousers, a black tee, and a good staple button-down never disappoint. 

Don’t Fall for Trends

Trends will always be your biggest budget breaker. These Instagram and TikTok trends are for a few months, and once they are dead, your outfits are wasted. If you have a smart style, you can reuse them in different ways as well. But it’s not always the case. I mean, how can you reuse your micro mini skirt in daily wear? Always stick to sustainable fashion choices over trendy fashion attire. 

Don’t Do Too Many Colors

Colors will always be your friends when used the right way. A good blend of the right colors will always look elegant and speak luxury. There are a few color combos that are a big No and can always put off your outfit. These are brown and orange, red and green, neon and neon, purple and yellow, and red and purple. Stick to classic color combos while avoiding these worst color combos at all costs. 

Find Your Style

It is extremely important to know your style and what suits you best. Some people like to wear covered clothes while others prefer modern and revealing clothes. Celebrities have a big influence on people’s life. If you are a big fan of Hailey Bieber’s style, check out my favorite outfits inspired by Hailey Bieber.

Your Fit Is Important

Baggy and oversized styles might not suit certain body types. If you are someone who has a trapezoidal body type, avoid wearing ill-fitted clothes. Your fit is your power. Always dress up in clothes that are for your size to accentuate your body shape gracefully. Learn to read different symbols of brands like Zara, H&M, etc., to get your perfect fit. 

Never Forget Your Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup are crucial parts of your look. You should never ignore the power of a perfect hairstyle and that dewy-finish makeup look. Always stick to minimalistic hairstyles like a high ponytail, sleek bun, or perfectly straight hair. Learn to do a no-makeup look to add a “less is more” kind of glam. These two tools will surely help you elevate your average look into a slaying look. 

Accessorize Your Outfit

Everything needs that extra finishing touch to look perfect. For your outfits, it’s the accessories that do this work. Always try to befriend your jewels. A classic gold chain, small hoops, pearl studs, a good pair of rings, and a luxurious watch will always add that extra glam to your look. These are the basic accessories; you can purchase many more jewelry pieces as per your needs. 


Classic fashion always runs in trend, and the minute you are trying to be someone else, it just shifts the mood. It is all about showcasing your best version through your attires. Whether you work indoors or outdoors, a classic look will always be a plus point for your personality. Build your mood board and try to evaluate your niche style to begin your fashion journey. It’s not that hard to slay in your attire. 

I hope these tips will help you understand and declutter your style. Just keep these few tips in mind, and you will always rock your outfit at any event. Look out for your style and slay in your outfits.

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